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Our Fireworks Warehouse Fundraiser begins December 20th and runs through January 1st!

This is one of our BIGGEST fundraisers of the year to help buy our Trailer!  This is what we are hoping for:

We need VOLUNTEERS!  Up until January 30th and 31st, business will be slow.  We do 90% of our sales on July 31st and that is when we need all hands on deck and about 50 volunteers in the warehouse on that day alone.  Up until then, we can operate with 5 students and 2 adults.  Since we have over 400 volunteers available, 186 students and parents, if everyone takes 1 4 hour shift, we will not leave the running of the $8,000 plus fundraiser to just the 10 members of the board and a handful of students.  The students are REQUIRED to work.  We have split the sections in groups of 28.  With the first week or so only requiring 5 students, this should amount to minimal intrusion on your holiday vacation/schedule.  Please see the attached link to the students section schedule:


If you are unfamiliar with the workings of the warehouse, we are having a training session on Friday December 19th at 7pm.  There will also be a board member on duty for every shift acting as a manager on duty, so you won’t be alone in the managing of the warehouse.  This is a business for the owners of the stand, and our success is what will keep us in the stand for many years.  Combined with New Years Eve and 4th of July, we bring in about $15,000 for the band.  We require $25,000 to purchase the trailer and get it outfitted, wrapped with our logo and hire drivers.  So this is an important fundraiser for our kids.

Please sign up to volunteer on CHARMS HERE.  This will bring you to the CHARMS calendar and you can choose your day and times once there.

Just one shift could help make a big difference to our students.




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MaydeCreekHSB is the school code.


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December 20th – January 1 ~ Fireworks Warehouse Fundraiser


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