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The JULY 4th Fireworks Building will be opening on Wednesday, June 24 and will remain open through July 4th. Please help by volunteering your time with this event.   Each hour volunteered by the student, or on behalf of the student, will receive a ticket.  A drawing will be held daily for a $10 gift card and the tickets will then be put into a bucket for the 3 grand prize drawings at the end.  A student will receive a ticket for each hour they, a friend (not in band) or family member works.  The more tickets, the better the chance to win!

This year, we are starting a new incentive to get volunteers.  We will be taking money off the band fees for hours worked.  Details to follow.  This is a good opportunity if you find that the fees are hard to make, it’s a way to help out the band and reduce your fees at the same time.  All it takes is a little time!

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As another year passes as quickly as it started, we say goodbye and good luck to our Senior Class.  We will miss you and are excited to see what your futures hold!!! But we know that you will do great things!!!

Congratulations to our Senior Scholarship winners!



For the most current information about events, band fee balances, Trip balances, volunteer opportunities, and individual student information, click the calendar to the left for CHARMS ACCESS.

MaydeCreekHSB is the school code.


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July 13-16 ~ Drumline Camp 9am-4pm (lunch 12:00pm)

July 19-21 ~ Leadership Camp MRHS

July 30 – 31 ~ Leadership Clean Up 9am-12pm

August 1 ~ Money Day 9am-2pm

August 3 ~ Summer Band Begins

August 7 ~ Make up Money Day

August 7 ~ Band Lock in 8pm-6am

August 11 ~ Shoe Fitting

August 21 ~ Meet the Band Night

August 24 ~ 1st Day of School

August 26 ~ Town Pep Rally

August 27 ~ Thursday-1st Football Game vs. Cy Springs (visitor)

  __________________________________________________________________ BEEN TAKING PICTURES AT MONEY DAY, LOCK-IN, CAR WASH OR ANY BAND FUNCTION SO FAR THIS YEAR?  SEND THEM TO PRESIDENT@MCHSRAMBAND.ORG AND WE WILL POST THEM ON THE WEBSITE! _________________________________________________________________ Camera  Smile! You are on candid camera!

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This is a one-way text message and email system. All personal information remains confidential. 1. A smart phone is not required 2. Replies to the text message are not accepted by the system 3. The Directors and the Boosters have implemented the system to be able to immediately communicate a. when rehearsals are cancelled b. when itineraries have changed c. ETA after football games and contests d. participation in fundraisers e. student deadlines To sign up text @647253 to (281) 769-3265 or scan to download app.