Rookie Corner


We are excited to welcome you as a member of this incredible program!  Beyond the superior instruction and the camaraderie of band mates, you will develop your musical skills and have opportunities to compete and perform with one of the best Bands within the city of Houston!

The Bands of Mayde Creek include the Mighty Marching Band, Concert Ensembles, Jazz Band, Winter Guard and  Percussion Ensemble.

Summer Band Camp 

Summer Band Camp typically starts at the beginning of August and is required for all participants in marching band.  Color Guard and Percussion begin one week earlier, at the end of July.

During this camp, students meet daily according to a set schedule and learn to integrate the music into the new school year’s marching program.  Students also form friendships and a sense of unity and cooperation during this time, creating a foundation for the polished, finished performance.

Please plan carefully around summer band camp and avoid any family travel, dentist and doctor appointments during this time.  Also, remember that the practice marching field is a classroom!  Parents are welcome as a spectator at any time, but please do not come to the field expecting to talk to your child (unless it is an extreme emergency).


  • Sneakers Tips: No Vans, canvas loafers, or Keds. Get a well-made shoe with good support, but don’t waste money on the latest styles– kids wears holes in band camp shoes every year. Don’t send them to camp in their new school shoes. The Nikes with a few scuffs from last year will do.
  • White T-shirts Tips: Invest in several of these, as well as the shorts below, as they are not going to want to wear the morning shirt in the afternoon because it will be soaked with sweat and you will not want to do laundry every day. They can be bought in packs of 3-6. 
  • Colored athletic shorts
  • Flip folder Found at any music store.  Buy at least 20 additional clear page sleeves.
  • Sheet Protectors 81/2 x 11, clear, at least 100.  Found at office supply stores.
  • Water Jug – Tips:
    • Get a big jug, not the small ones they use for the football games, as kids can consume an amazing amount of water during 4 hours of 99-degree workouts on pavement. One with handles is appropriate.
    • Make bigger ice cubes using small plastic containers (butter tubs, etc.); put just one or two in the jug each morning session, and the water will stay cold longer.

Required Materials for All Rehearsals:

  • Instrument (Spare reeds, etc. in case)
  • Flip folder
  • Sneakers with socks
  • Athletic shorts
  • White shirt
  • Water jug with water


  • Cap or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip protection