Booster Executive Committee


The executive committee of the boosters assists the directors in creating the budget, planning big events and fundraisers, and makes financial decisions. If you are interested in running for a position on the executive board, please contact a director or the band booster presidents. 


2020-2021 Executive Board Booster Members




Contact Information

Director of Bands

Donnie Christian

Associate Director

Molly Casillas

Assistant Director

Maria Singer

Colorguard Director

Alexandria Cook



Joe Skelton


Vice President



Secretary/Social Media/Webmaster



Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

Loraine Vuong

(temporary until filled)

Lead Treasurer

Roxanne Perales


Assistant Treasurer

Angie Villa


Fundraiser Officer I

Norma Serrano

Fundraiser Officer II



Events Officer I

Harmony Decker


Events Officer II

Ximena Flores


Executive Committee Description

 Band Director(s)           The Band Director(s) shall serve as the director(s) of the band program and the chairperson(s) of the Band Boosters.  The Band Director shall be an ex officio member of all standing and special committees and shall serve as the chairperson of the Travel Committee.

 President:        Oversees all operations, officers and committees of the Mayde Creek High School Band Boosters (specific committees to include but not limited to: money/registration day, parent orientations, uniforms, meal plans, meals service, spirit wear, chaperones, end-of-year-banquet, solo/ensemble, hospitality, scholarships, middle school liaison,  senior trip).  President will also sign on bank account.

 Vice President: In the absence of the President, this individual will perform all the duties of the President and when so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions of the president.  He/She will also be the chairperson for the pit crew.

 Fundraising Officer I:   This individual will focus solely on fundraising opportunities, vetting any opportunities presented and taking it to the board and/or general booster membership when necessary (i.e., spirit nights at local vendors, selling of spirit items, car washes and 5k Color Run). 

 Fundraising Officer I:   This individual will assist Fundraising Officer I with ALL events (i.e. Mayde Creek Family Showcase, Band Banquet, Senior Night etc.).  He/She will oversee each committee that runs these specific events and any additional events chosen by the board.

 Secretary          This individual will take and record minutes at executive board meetings, general booster meetings; coordinate registration and booster memberships; assist president with social media and website accounts; file paperwork with the school district. 

 Membership/Volunteer Coordinator:    This individual will maintain membership database and input all volunteer requests into CHARMS for all to sign-up.  He/she with be responsible for recruiting volunteers for ALL events, keeping track of volunteer hours to be reported to the school, point of contact for parents’ questions, relaying information to parents and students may need. 

Lead Treasurer:            This individual will sign on bank account and keep all financial records of the MCHSBB; to include, updating bank account information when necessary, signing all checks, making deposits and paying any and all bills, invoices.  He/She will assist with all student’s band fees, prepare budget and will also prepare financials to present at monthly executive board meetings and to present at monthly general booster meetings.

Assistant Treasurer:     This individual shall be involved with yearly internal audit and budget process.  Perform additional duties as needed to insure the smooth operation of the operation. 

Social media/Website coordinator: These individual attends board meetings, maintains Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts as well as maintain the MCHS band website with information that needs to be posted.  Monitor all social media we institute for appropriateness and confidentiality.