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Student Bus Rules

For each performance, the Mayde Creek High School Band must move approximately 250 students, their instruments, and equipment. It is necessary that each student understands and abides by the rules to facilitate this enormous task.

  • Each band member must ride on the transportation provided by KISD to all band activities. A student may ride home with his/her parent/guardian provided a written, signed note is submitted prior to trip departure. (This enables us to mark the bus lists, facilitating roll check for the return trip.)
  • Follow all KISD bus rules posted at the front of each bus.
  • The back door of the bus is not to be used except in case of emergency, or as instructed by director.
  • Upon arrival at destination, remain seated until instructions have been given by director.
  • Directors, drivers, and chaperones have the authority to assign seating to any of the students on the bus in the event of disciplinary problems or failure to abide by bus rules by any individual(s).
  • Leave all buses clean of trash and personal belongings upon return.
  • All windows on the bus are to be closed upon return.
  • Radios, tape players, and CD’s are not allowed except during the spring trip. Radios, tape players, and CD’s taken on the spring trip must be played with headphones only. The school, district, and band are not responsible in the event of loss or theft.

Student Eligibility – No Pass No Play

  • All band members must pass every class (subject) in order to be eligible for extra-curricular activities. This includes all football games, music contest, and honor group auditions. If a band member fails even one subject, he/she is ineligible for the following six weeks grading period. A student may, under certain circumstances, become eligible again after three weeks. However, depending on the time frame, may or may not be able to regain his/her “spot.”
  • Co-curricular activities are not affected by the eligibility rule. These activities include section rehearsal, rehearsals, and concerts not related to a competitive event.
  • Band members desiring to tryout for an officer position (drum major, color guard, captain, etc.) or an elected position (president, class representative, etc.) maintain an “S” in conduct. Band members earning one of the above positions must maintain an “S” to keep their position.

Private Lessons

Katy I.S.D. offers a tremendous opportunity for instrumental enrichment with the KISD Private Lesson Program. It is through the Guidelines that have been established for this program that Mayde Creek High School is able to offer this program for any student that is enrolled in our instrumental program. All Katy ISD Private Lesson Program Instructors have completed all paperwork and are approved to teach our Ram Band enrolled students. This paperwork includes and application, Work Agreement, and Criminal History Check.

Private Lessons – Student Enrollment

Any student who is currently a member of the Mighty Ram Band is eligible to enroll in our Private Lesson Program. Applications are available from any of the band directors.Tuition fees are $18.50 to $24.50 per half hour lesson

All Private Lessons are held at the Mayde Creek High School Fine Arts Building or at the Mayde Creek Junior High School Band Hall. Each Private Lesson Instructor is responsible to schedule the lessons that they are teaching.
Each Private Lesson Instructor is responsible for collecting all monies owed for all private lessons taught. Any discrepancies in billing are to be handled by the individual private lesson instructor.

Students may be asked to furnish certain materials for their lessons. This will be determined by each individual private lesson teacher. Lessons are designed to utilize the characteristic literature of the instrument, rather than rehearse the music a student is performing in their school organization.

Private Lessons – Student Holidays
No lessons will be given on student holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or spring break. Please check with your private lesson teacher regarding other student holidays such as teacher work days and early dismissal days, as the buildings are open on these days, and lessons may be scheduled. Do not assume that there are no lessons for your student on those days and not show up, as you may be charged an unexcused absence for that day. You may cancel lessons on those days by going through the proper cancellation procedure.

Private Lessons – Cancelation Policy

If a student is going to miss a lesson for ANY reason, the private lesson teacher must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Secure the name and telephone number of the private lesson teacher when you are contacted to set up lessons for the year. Failure to notify the PLP teacher 24 hours in advance of an absence will result in an Unexcused Absence. You will be charged for all unexcused absences, and three in a row will result in automatic termination of lessons.Note: Do not assume that the teacher will know about concerts, programs, etc. that may cause a student to miss a lesson. The private lesson teacher is not aware of every activity scheduled in each building. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the student to notify the teacher if they must miss a lesson due to concerts, programs, etc. Failure to notify the teacher properly will result in an unexcused absence for which you must pay.